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To celebrate the 20 anniversary of the establishment of the company

Time: 2015-1-3

The morning of November 30th, Rudong Qianjin Petroleum Machinery Manufacture Co Ltd was held to celebrate the companys twenty anniversary celebration activities. The whole ceremony scene has a warm atmosphere. The company leadership and all employees of the company attended the celebration activities. By the company vice president Pan Liangzhi presided over the activities.

When the ceremony begins, the company chairman and general manager Chen Zhicai speech. He fondly recalled the company twenty years of extraordinary experience. In twenty years, the company keep up with the pace of the times, seize the opportunities, and actively expand the service, strive to become bigger and stronger, business performance make a spurt of progress, management level significantly increased, the brand strategy repeated success, corporate culture fruits. He represented the company all staff to long for the company dedicated, hard work to express my heartfelt thanks. He also said the companys future will focus on increasing product variety,expand market share; to strengthen internal management, pay attention to the quality of products; continue to attract talent, strengthen staff skills training; to formulate appropriate policies, play to their creativity. The Future Ltd will conform to the trend, strengthen management, exploration and innovation, to create a more brilliant brilliantstone development situation and strive.

Next, the staff representatives speaked, he passionately expressed his gratitude, he appreciated the company provides a platform of growth for them, said he would continue to use their wisdom and sweat to do its best to the company this big warm family, and wish Rudong Qianjin Petroleum Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. brave the wind and waves, create success, to achieve the "to do a hundred old" enterprise dream.

Finally, vice president Chen Zhigao delivered a speech. He pointed out in his speech, twenty years the companyadhere to the quality of survival, innovation and development, forge ahead in unity, pragmatic, hard work, the rapid development of petroleum mechanical industry become more famous and influential petroleum machinery manufacturing enterprises. He hoped that all the staff of the company to maintain the spirit of hard work, seize the opportunity, seize the opportunity, seek the development unceasingly for the enterprise.

After the celebration, the company distribute souvenirs for all employees, and have lunch together, the common wish of forward Rudong Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co Ltd in the new journey, new heights, create brilliant!

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